Charitable Giving

Today, I found some very interesting tidbits about our presidential candidates and democratic vice presidential candidate, in the area of charitable giving. Sarah Palin’s tax return has not yet been released to the public.

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s tax return indicated that the most he has ever given personally to charitable causes was 5.8% – 6.1%.

Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Bidens has been “amazingly tight-fisted” in his charitable giving.  Despite income ranging from $210,432 – $321,379 over the ten-year period, the Bidens have given 0.06% – 0.31% of their income. In 1999, the Bidens gave just $120 to charity. It blows my mind that a couple earning over $200,000 per year would give just $2 per week to charity.

Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s tax returns show that he gave 27.3% – 28.6% of his income to charity in 2006-2007.  During the same period, the Obamas’ tax returns show that they gave 5.8% – 6.1% of their income to charity.

I know this is not a deal-maker/breaker, but I think it speaks volumes about a person’s character. I believe that the amount of giving reveals the degree of self-centeredness of the individual. Do they really care about others or do they really just love themselves?

So where is your heart? “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21