Faith-based politics

I read an article on MSN titled ‘Faith-Based Politics: the Obama Way’. I was intrigued because the article talked about how Obama is a Christian and how he is the first prominent leader that is not a religious figure. But the article also mentioned that he may bring on a new evangelical “flair” to the administration. So, I read on.

But this is where the article got me. In one paragraph, it stated, “Where Bush has been a Christian imperialist, Obama will be a Christian pluralist. While his own conversion roots him firmly in the Christian faith, his intellectual skills and international experience allow him to understand that there are many paths to the truth.”

That did not sit well with me. Of course, Obama didn’t write this article, and so he may disagree with what was written, but if that is true, if he believes that there are many paths to the truth.. then God help us. If he believes that, he’s traveling in the wrong direction, and that will be especially dangerous because he will be the one leading this country. The writer of the article, who is an assistant professor of philospohy of religion spoke of this “non-hierarchical conception of faith”. But that doesn’t make any sense. Faith is the belief or confidence in something higher than us. So what would be the point of faith, if the object of our faith was not higher than us and didn’t have any more power than we do?

What do you think?

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