Sunrise, Seashells, and the Soul

I’ve never experienced a Thanksgiving morning quite like this before. This year, we’re spending Thanksgiving in St. George Island. I woke up around 6:40a.m. this morning and walked to the beach to watch the sunrise, just by myself. I spent a quick moment reading the Word, which led me to Psalm 47. Then I took some pictures of the sunrise. I walked on.

I decided to pick up some seashells to remember this walk. As I was sorting through them, I noticed that I was only picking up the unique seashells, those that stood out by their unique shape, color or size. There were many pretty shells but I didn’t pick them because I won’t remember the ones that were like all the others. There’s a reason to be confident in our uniqueness, because I believe God delights in our uniqueness. Stand out in your uniqueness, so that you can be recognized for your uniqueness and be used in the way for which God created you. Find out how you are unique.

After picking up some seashells, I started looking at the ground, looking for what other cool seashells I can find. I kept on walking, looking and searching, and I stopped looking up, failing to notice the beauty around me, and missing the big picture. We get like that, getting distracted by the small things, so focused on our next project, job, the next thing to do, the next thing to achieve. And we forget that God has the whole thing made, not just the seashells but the ocean and the sky and causes the sun to rise and the waves to roll. How much more, then, will He take care of us, too? So, look up and enjoy the works of His hands.

There was this one particular shell I picked up. It was the smallest one I had ever seen. Unbroken, smooth, and incredibly precise. It was truly beautiful, so perfect. God took the time and designed that seashell and a multitude of seashells that are so minuscule that you wonder why they were created. What use are they or for what function were they created? But I saw that they were created for God’s glory. God chose to create them, and even that tiny, fragile seashell revealed the glory of God. On my walk back to our place, I lost that seashell, the smallest one I collected, and I got sad. I retraced my steps to the entrance to see if I had dropped it nearby. Even though it was the smallest, I cared just as much as the other seashells I had in my hand. I believe God is the same way. Even though we are small, we are not less worthy in His sight, and He cares for us in an inexplicable way.

The God that created the sun and made it to rise, created me and calls me His beloved. “You were fearfully and wonderfully made.” I know we hear this all the time, but I thanked God this day for sending me this reminder through that small and seemingly insignificant seashell.