Can nobody hold me down?

How incredible is this? My jaw dropped seeing so many things that she could do. We have more potential than this person by the sheer physical aspect. But she over-achieves most of us and leaves us in the dust. What is the key component of her living her life? I don’t have the same level of motivation and determination, but it’s a great reminder to not let my (your) circumstances hold me (you) down. And, I hope to work on this part about myself in the coming year.

stance change

I was caught between two extremes the other day and found myself changing my stance depending on the person I was with. I’ll give you an example. I was shopping with my mom the other day, and she happened to notice a red spot on my body and neck and said I had a rash. I told her it was nothing though she said it was a rash for sure. Then the next day, I was telling Jason that I had a rash, and he said it was only pink because I was scratching and it was nothing, and I argued that it was a rash for sure. I dismissed it as nothing with my mom and I argued it as something with Jason.

Why do I do this? And do others do this too?