It’s about time

deadbolt-remote Have you ever thought of something ingenuous and logical at the same time? Like when you come home with groceries or have other things in your hand and you could use that third hand. Or when it’s cold or raining and just don’t want to fiddle with the keys.

Finally, Black and Decker has come out with a remote wireless residential access control, or simply, a deadbolt remote (I’ve done some research and evidently, this is not a new innovation and has been out for some time — and I didn’t know about it!) This was something that I wanted to invent myself many years ago but hadn’t weighed all the benefits and risks yet. But seriously, it’s about time someone came out with this idea! It’d be great if the remote could also open the door, too. Ok, now I’m just getting lazy.  I want me one of those. I wonder how much something like this would cost? At what price would you say it’s worth getting?