And Growing~ – Day 8

love It has been over a week since Jason left for Cambodia. Time is on my side and the days are moving faster than I had thought. yay~ Though it could go faster, I think it’s more important that I use this time to really seek out the things God wants me to learn.

I woke up to his email yesterday which was wonderful and couldn’t wait to see him online later on in the evening. Work was rather emotionally draining. With great reward of seeing children be joined with their forever families comes the emotional work of bringing families to that point, sometimes having to jump through the hurdles on demand. Yesterday was one of those days. I wish I could just bring and place the child in the family’s arms.. But I digress.

After work yesterday, I headed over to Jason’s brother’s house to watch my nieces and nephew b/c Kelli needed to attend a meeting. Had my first homemade pot roast for dinner (yum~).  I did see and talk to Jason online but only for a few short minutes. That was a bit disappointing and I found myself wanting to reach out and hold him. Absence does make the heart grow fonder..

I had a good time talking with my sister-in-law when she got back. One of the thoughts I had last evening on my drive back. I saw a nurturing side of Kait when she helped me (attempt to) put Felicity to bed. I saw the love of an older sibling and thought about what my oldest sister did to take care of me and Sora while my parents worked. Bora was about Kait’s age but she went above and beyond what even older siblings typically do. She took care of us, fed us, washed us, cooked, cleaned… This wasn’t new information, but realizing that Bora was as young as Kait when she did all that and how hard Bora must’ve had it brought me to tears and gratitude. It made me dwell on this thought for awhile and realized that being the youngest, I never really had to be responsible for anyone but myself. I think God was showing me just how very selfish I still am and have so much to learn about love and sacrifice (and a bonus lesson on parenting). It’s awesome, nevertheless, because I know that He is preparing me for something great to come.