It’s now out of our hands

Today, we sent our home study paperwork off! It should get to Korea in about a week or so. We’ve done our part, and now the process is out of our hands. This is the only part of the process that we can control how fast we move. The rest is up to God, but we completely believe and trust that the entire process is in God’s hands. And, that is a good thing.

I am already excited and anxious about when and how things will move along. Even though we just sent off the paperwork, I already cannot wait for our child to come home. Waiting for your heart’s desire is hard, and everyone knows that, but now that we are waiting for such a thing as this, I only now realize how difficult the waiting is for adoptive families. Though I was always sincere in my hopes to comfort them, I see how easily I’d tossed those words around…

This journey is far deeper and more wonderful than I had imagined before. And through this journey, I realize how much more beautiful the character of God is, that He would adopt us into His forever family!