Jewel Undercover

Jewel goes undercover (at a karaoke bar, that is)!

She connects with Funny or Die (a comedy video website) and decides to go undercover at a karaoke bar in LA. She disguises herself as a shy, boring business woman, egged on by her “colleagues”, and eventually by the crowd, to sing. She reluctantly takes the stage and starts singing her own songs. The crowd is obviously impressed with her voice since she sounds just like Jewel but they have no idea that it’s really her!

Check out the look on one of the crowd’s face about 4 minutes into the video. It’s priceless!

Twitter During Labor

If you’re married to a technologically savvy man, this is one question you very well could hear.

“Could I twitter when you go into labor and nothing happens for awhile?”

This is the question Jason half-jokingly asked me last night. I thought it was rather considerate of him to ask me for permission. I think that’s okay, especially because I know he’s not the type to go overboard with that sort of stuff nor will he miss a moment because of it. Is that weird that I think it’s okay? Maybe it’s because I’m such a laid-back and understanding wife. Yes, that must be it!