She designed a life she loved.

I read this quote just the other day, and at a quick glance, thought, that sounds nice and motivational. It’s a mantra for that “go-getter” woman. This “she” person made it happen. It made me imagine a woman who doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer, a woman who takes the ‘bull by the horn’, as the saying goes. She is strong and she is happy.

There is not a single human being that doesn’t want to love his or her life. Unless you have some mental health issues, it is an inherent trait we all possess to desire to live a wholesome and fulfilling, happy life.

But, if you stop and think about this quote, it implies that this woman knows what she wants her life to look like and made the efforts to get herself there. I venture to say that, while everyone wants to love his/her life, many, or maybe even most, don’t know the specifics of their dreams. Many don’t stop to think about taking the steps in that direction, much less plan to take those steps. It’s not about just doing things that make you happy, but it’s about thinking, planning, and then building. What am I good at? Who do I want to surround myself with? To get to where I want to be, do I need to go back to school or keep saving money? These are some initial questions you can ask yourself.

Designing your life requires intentionality. Because something worth doing is worth doing well. Your life is worth it.