Bridging the gap

Over the past weekend, I took some of our girl students to the Pink Conference, a girls’ conference for the Asian Americans. Dr. Josephine Kim, a counseling education professor at Harvard, spoke to the girls and the parents (separately) about the cultural and communication differences between the first generation parents and their children and the effects it has on us physically, emotionally and spiritually. She also shared about things parents should know about their children, and I think it was an eye-opener for many parents. I think she connected with the girls (and the parents) on a deep level considering the short allotted time. I was so excited to hear her speak about an area which I’m so passionate about. I was also really impressed that she was not only highly intelligent, but she was also perfectly bilingual and was so accomplished at such a young age.

And it was cool cuz I got to have lunch with her the following day. At first, I thought that I might pick her brain about her knowledge and experience, but we ended up talking a lot about personal things. I found that she was really personable and I had fun being able to talk to someone using both fluent English and Korean, because 뭔가 통하는게 있어 and because there are many things in which there are no direct translation. Anyhoo, it was fun making a new friend and meeting a fellow counselor.

Upon reflecting over the weekend, I realized again just how many individuals are out there living with scars from current/past hurts they received from families and society and not living the kind of life God wants us to. I rediscovered my hope of bridging the gap between different generations and cultures and help bring about restoration and healing. I believe that meeting Josephine this past weekend was God-ordained. I hope that there will be opportunities to collaborate with her to do some healing work for the Asian community.