new favorite love story

I have a new favorite love story, and it comes from an unexpected movie: WALL-E!

I watched it yesterday, and I knew I was going to enjoy it because it looked so darn cute, but I was actually really moved. I won’t spoil the plot but I thought the way they depicted Wall-E’s love towards Eve was right on. The way he just wanted to be with her and share fun things with her, but mostly the way he sacrificed for her! It was love, so simple and pure. And the longing in his voice, when he would call out for her, was rather heart wrenching. I must confess, I cried! Did anyone else cry, too? I know I’m sensitive, but you gotta admit it was pretty sad. How can an animation, much less a waste collecting robot be so cute, it hurts? Even the cockroach was adorable.

I thought the movie was really funny throughout the entire movie. I laughed, cried, got worried, got excited, and felt a whole range of emotions. I thoroughly enjoyed it! I dare say that this has become my all time favorite Pixar animation.

What is your favorite?